How do I Book?


Firstly give us a ring, or email, to check if we are available. There is a £100 deposit which secures your date that can be paid using a credit or debit card, paypal, cash or cheque. The balance is then due seven days before your wedding date at the very latest. You can use the link above to download the booking form, fill in all the relevant details and post to us, or email it back.


Demo DVD´s?

Please fill in a contact form, confirming your postal address, and we will send you a demo DvD the same day (if request received before 3pm)


What music can I have?

Anything you like. The copyright covers live recorded music such as a choir and ceremonial music and also any pre-recorded tracks from your favourite artists. You are responsible for obtaining the limited manufacture license from the MCPS from live music or for music played from a CD of recording please obtain a license from PPL. A copy of your license(s) need to be forward to us a week before your wedding date.



What will you wear?

We always dress as if we are a guest at your wedding. We may be in the background of your photographers shots, many of your guests will also take shots on their own cameras or phones and so being well dressed is vitally important.


Will you really blend in?


We aim to be unobtrusive, where possible, and let your day unfold as naturally as it can. We are there to document your day, unlike the photographer who has more of an active role in arranging shots. (unless having the Marryoke this requires some two way participation from us and your guests)


How do you record the audio?


We use wireless equipment and always aim to avoid using extra lights by use of low lux setting professional cameras. We have been to most venues and so know where to stand to get the best shots but always try to contact the venue beforehand.


Can I have a camera each for the Bride´s and Groom´s separate preparations?


We would encourage it as it makes for a superb film. It´s the only part of the day when you are not together and being able to watch them back is priceless. There is an additional fee of £250 if you require this (unless booking the platinium service which has this included)





One or Two Videographers?


With one wedding videographer you are constrained to a more documentary style. What two videographers gives you is pace and choice. For eg. During the ceremony we can cut between a close shot of the couple – exchanging rings - then cut to a wide of the audience. Whereas one camera would need to capture all those moments in just one shot. Therefore if you like the idea of a documentary style then it's one camera. If you wish to have a result that is closer to television or film, then go for two.


Can you film messages from family and friends on the day?


Guest interviews are part of the top two packages and can be added to any package. If gives your guests the chance to leave you a short message, some emotional, some funny, some just make the wedding video and so really good to have as part of your wedding video. We would be available all day for interviews but would tend to start them after your wedding breakfast or first dance when everyone is starting to wind down and relax.


How long will our film be?


That is up to you and the natural rhythm of the day. Generally a wedding video will play for 80-100 mins with an extra 10-15 minutes for the highlights section.


How long do you keep the HD masters in archive?


We keep your master for a two years where by edits can be made, after this time we will only keep a copy of your final video which will be kept for five years for reorders.


If you film in HD, will we be able to watch it on my normal TV?


What we do is film in the highest quality HD footage possible. Thereby having the master filmed in the highest resolution possible. We can then export the final edit into any format, viewable on any TV with any DVD player or if you have the Full Hd Blu Ray service then we will export your wedding movie onto Blu ray discs in sparkly 1080p x 1920p HD compatable with any Blu Ray Player.


How do you record the sound?


Remotely and cable free. We use a range of Sennheiser radio mics transmitters and receivers. Which means that the mics transmit the audio to the cameras, enabling them to move further away from the subject, for a more naturalistic approach with no conspicuous cables. We try to answer all the important questions here but if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.




Will you edit out all the audio from our day and replace it with music?


We sound mix the audio from your wedding day and your chosen music tracks together into a "soundbed" where each audio source complements the other.


Who is going to be filming my Wedding?


When selecting a film or video company we would suggest you ask one of the most important questions I aim to film all weddings that we take as the main operator and if you request additional operators that I have a small group of qualified professionals who I would ask to support me on the day. This policy insures that the customers gets a perfect wedding video every time and therefore I only ever take one booking per day. Many companies just outsource their weddings to many different free lancers for a daily fee which of course can hinder the effort that they put into their recording.


Do you use lighting?


We try not to use lighting were possible, but sometimes it is inevitable in very low light situations, but the cameras that we use have professional low lux settings and so allow us to shoot in lower light than you would expect without the aid of extra light. We therefore only use at any time a mounted single LED panel to the video camera for additional light as to not have a big impact on the events of the day.










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